Topic outline

  • Welcome to the  online course on `How to become a digital inclusive teacher`. If you teach 10 - 19 year-old students you might find here what you have always been looking for. Here we offer you a set of tools that might help you to change your way of teaching in a wider range of inclusiveness than before. Feel free to do the whole course which will take you about 10 - 15 hours if you do all the tasks requested. The main exercises appear at the end of each module. There will be some reflection task in the modules that are designed solely to deepen your understanding of the topic.

    You will find additional supportive tools on our digital platform:

    Duration: 2 / 3 hours minimum for each module

  • Welcome to the second module. 

    In this module you will

    • get to know the multi-discliplinary approach of Media Literacy and why it is important for education
    • find out how to integrate Media Literacy in your teaching practice
    • raise awareness of the reproduction of social inequalities and stereotypization in and by media
    • reflect your own teaching practice

    • Refresh your understanding of Media Literacy by reading this short overview written by NAMLE
    • Read about the Core Principles of Media Literacy (developed by NAMLE) here.